Rates & Billing Policies


Opening an Account

A $20.00 transfer fee will be charged to customers applying for water service at an existing  location.  A deposit of $100.00 will be charged to members applying for service. This deposit will be refunded to the member’s water account on the final bill.

All new service requests need to be completed prior to 3 pm for same day service.


Rates & Billing

The monthly base charge is based on the size of the meter and does NOT include water.

Meter Size:    Base Charge, zero usage:

3/4"                $15.00

1"                   $21.00

1.5"                $38.00

2"                   $75.00

  3"                   $150.00

  4"                   $300.00

  6"                   $564.00


Irrigation Water Rate: $10.00 per thousand gallons

Commercial Water Rate: $3.00 per thousand gallons

Residental Water Rates: Tiered rate structure- see chart below 

Tiered Structure Rates Tiered Structure Rates