Current & Ongoing Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Meter Upgrades in progress

Some of you may have already noticed that we have begun our Meter Upgrade Project. We will be putting out door tags a few days ahead to let you know what areas we will be working on at that time. You can expect your water to be off briefly - no more than 1 hour - while we are working on your home. Our goal is to have every meter in our system changed out by the end of 2021. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Tower # 1 Renovations

Stay tuned for more pictures of this project!

Fire Hydrant Replacements & New Installations

BBWC employees have replaced 3 hydrants that were beyond repair, in addition to installing new ones when needed. 

Water, Salt Water Intrusion and What We Are Doing About It

An RO Plant Update

The Castle Hayne aquifer (our water source), underlying the eastern half of the coastal plain, is the most productive aquifer in the state. It is primarily composed of limestone, sandy limestone, and sand, resulting in hard to very hard water. 

Due to the nature of the aquifer and our location, our water source is susceptible to salt water intrusion.  BBWC experienced this at well sites along the western end of the island and, in response, began construction of a REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANT.  Our primary goal is to provide safe, clean water to our customers.  We want to treat the “salty” water so we can continue using this valuable water source and hopefully keep salt water from spreading to our other wells.  Being able to provide better water to our customers is a plus!

What Can You Do To Help?

Even though the Castle Hayne aquifer is the most productive in the state, we are limited in how much water we can pump.  Furthermore, increasing pumping rates in some areas could cause an increase in salt water intrusion at our other wells.   The water supply is limited so the less we waste the more all of us have.

  • Please consider decreasing lawn irrigation settings and plant hardy, drought resistant foliage.  Considering the cost of installing the new RO plant and the QUALITY of the water it will produce, it is a shame to spray it on the ground.  
  • When was the last time you checked your home for leaks?  In the U.S., about 14% of all water used inside a home is due to leaks. 
  • For more info on locating and repairing home leaks, see our "Forms & Report" page.

Should you keep your water softener? 

Yes, for now.  We suggest you wait until the RO plant is running, and then decide if you want your water to be softer than what the plant produces.

BBWC Achievments & Updates

Goal:  Make Your Water SAFE, AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE. 
How?  Improve Water Quality and Work Efficiency

We began construction of the reverse osmosis plant to be completed by Spring 2013.  To feed the RO plant we will be bringing a new well online, in addition to two re-worked existing wells.  The plant will help control the salt water intrusion into the Castle Hayne aquifer on the west end of the island, and will provide residents with even higher quality water from the tap!

Our guys completed all residential meter upgrades to radio-read meters and we are on goal to finish all the bulk meter upgrades by the end of 2012. Now our meter technicians are down to just 3 days per month to read all the meters, including re-reads!

We purchased a valve machine which has been essential in helping us finish meter upgrades. It has also proved very effective for fixing small to medium leaks quickly. What had taken an hour or two to get a deep service leak stopped, now only takes about 15 minutes!

Our crew installed an automatic flusher near the Point at the end of Coast Guard Road to help with chlorine residuals and keep fresh water in that area.  This has greatly reduced the hydrogen sulfide smell, making everybody happy!

In April of 2011 our base charges increased to help offset the costs of the new RO plant.  Thanks so much for your help in this effort!  Fortunately, the cost of your water did not increase and remains at $2.00/1000 gallons.