New Service Request

Welcome to the Bogue Banks Water Corporation Community! 

Need to establish water service?  In order to establish an account, a completed application, a copy of your driver's license, and any fees required, must be in our office before 3PM on the day service is requested to start.  If you have questions about the forms, please contact us. 

NOTE: for new service request online form, If you have a gmail account this form will often require you to sign in with your gmail information to complete the google form for new service request.

NOTE:  We require that the customer be present for service connection.  If our valve was not turned off when the prior account was closed, this requirement can be waived.  Please arrange for either yourself, your realtor or other responsible party to be available the day service is required.

  • BUILDERS  & OWNERS:   Please include the "Backflow & Irrigation Policy Customer Form" with your application.  All forms and fees are due before service begins.  Important:  please see our Backflow Policy (below) as this could affect you.  If your property is deemed to contain any of the hazards mentioned in the policy, you will be required to  have a backflow device installed and then tested annually, at your expense.  If you are planning to install irrigation, please see our irrigation policy .  You will need to complete a separate application for an irrigation meter.  For new construction, we will need a copy of the site plan showing septic location.  For the tap-on fee, the meter installation fees (based on meter size) and the deposit amount, please see our "Rates" form below.
  • ALL CUSTOMERS:  A deposit of $100 & $25 transfer fee will be due upon opening an account.  The deposit will be applied to the final bill and any remainder returned to the account holder.  We cannot waive the deposit under any circumstance.  Your completed application and required fees must be in our office no later than 4PM of the day service is needed.
  • BBWC respects our members' privacy.  As such, we do not discuss account information with anyone other than the account holder(s). Therefore, we suggest establishing a joint account where applicable.  (Another option is to provide a notarized statement giving our company permission to discuss account issues with a designated person.)

Irrigation Meters

  • BBWC prefers that its customers installing irrigation systems will install a shallow well for that purpose.  For those who have difficulty accomplishing that, they may install an irrigation meter.  Water used from that meter will be billed differently than the water used from the home meter (see Rates).  

Need to cancel service?

  • Please call our office at 252-354-3307 to stop your service and process a final bill.  Please have your forwarding address and date to end service.
  • Service disconnections are only done on weekdays during normal business hours.  The final utility bill will be calculated from the last meter reading at the time the services are disconnected.
  • If you do not contact Bogue Banks Water, you could be responsible for paying the utility bills at your old address until a new account is initiated by a new resident or owner, or until 90 days after the meter is locked for non-payment.

Click the button below to complete the online Discontinue Service Request form.