Hurricane Preparedness

Bogue Banks Water Corporation serves residents in Salter Path, Indian Beach and Emerald Isle. In the event of a hurricane, BBWC will only interrupt water supply if (1) leaks are too substantial to keep the system pressurized or (2) the wind strength is significant to the point that the elevated water tanks must be kept full for stabilization purposes.

Although we have generated power, we are limited in the amount of supply that we can provide during the loss of electricity.  Therefore, before, during, and after a hurricane, even though water may be available to your home or business, we ask that you conserve.   Water supply should be used only when necessary to guarantee availability for all residents and emergency response personnel. 

 In preparing, while it is safe to do so, we request that you: 

  • Turn off water to irrigation systems
  • Turn off water to outdoor showers, docks, and piers
  • Turn off customer valve if you are evacuating 

Following the storm:

  • Please report all known water leaks.
  • Do not use water to clean homes and automobiles until the damage has been assessed.
  • In the event of burst water mains, you can expect to receive a boil water notice, which is a normal precautionary procedure.
  • Announcements concerning your water supply will be made via radio and television stations. BBWC will also keep Carteret County Emergency Management updated. 

Our staff will return as soon as it is safe to do so.

If you have a water emergency, please call our 24 hour office number: