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Backflow/Cross Contamination Update

We are making great progress, thanks to the hard work of our Backflow Inspector, Shaun Toms, and his assistant, Sharon Guthrie. Many thanks and appreciation to them, and to those of you who have responded to the certified letters we have sent out regarding your specific need for one of these devices. If you have not received a certified letter, you do not need to be concerned with installing a backflow prevention device at this time.

We continue to send out certified letters to those homeowners whose property(s) contains a moderate or severe hazard (see our policy for more information on this) and have not yet installed a backflow prevention device. If you receive one of these letters, we appreciate your prompt response. While it is not required to purchase from us, we do offer the backflow prevention device and cover at our cost. We realize this is a costly venture, and we do this to help offset some of your expenses.

While we do not recommend any plumber over another, we do keep a list of area plumbers available on our website or in the office.

Thank you for being our valued customer! We appreciate each one of you, and your assistance in helping to protect our most cherished natural resource – WATER!